My Personal Opinion On College Pressures Essay

My Personal Opinion On College Pressures Essay

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College Pressures
One major thing in life that I think everyone should experience is College. Whether it’s to get a general degree or a specific degree. Choose something you would enjoy and wouldn’t mind doing every day for the rest of your career. Other wise your wasting your time, your parents time, and the money. Going to college has a massive amount of pressures for the students to take on. My personal opinion anxiety carries a heavy part of it and I believe it falls under self-induced pressure only because of your cognitive state. Your thinking processes have a way of controlling your behavior and the outcome in which you study or even make time for yourself to study. I do believe the pressures to be mainly internally psychological because of all the thoughts from the unconscious mind. These students could be thinking positive or negatively; but our behaviors rely on these thoughts. We experience fear, stress, and anxiety from that of which comes from our mind. There are ways to conquer these internal thoughts.
On your first day of classes you’re probably having a knot in your stomach especially stepping foot into that class for the first time of your college career. I know that I felt like my stomach was in my throat and didn’t know what to expect. Some of us have a little more confidence then others but in all reality everyone has some insecurities whether it’s about them personally or their behaviors. Some of us fear the thought of “fitting in” or “doing the right thing.” We as people it is in our nature that we question what other people are thinking about our behavior or us in general. Some if not all question if they are doing the “right” thing. Is there really a right or wrong way? No it’s what you feel and believe to...

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... be determined and ask yourself what you’re doing is worth all the fear, stress, and anxiety. If you keep in the back of your mind why you’re doing it and have incentives or motivators it shouldn’t be as hard for some people. I know that I don’t want to be working a low paying job struggling to get by or having to rely on someone to pay my bills and support my daughter and I. I would much rather sit through school and take on these pressures knowing it will not be easy but willing to accept the challenge to get a higher paying job and helping people than to do back breaking labor for crazy hours struggling to get by. I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I know that my daughter will be absolutely grateful once I earn my degree and enter into a new career making almost 3 times the amount I am making now and being able to give her the life I’ve never had.

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