My Personal Observation Of The Culture Of Poverty Essay

My Personal Observation Of The Culture Of Poverty Essay

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My personal observation of the culture of poverty is that people who grow up poor adapt to their situation, and does not expect better out of life. A person get used to living off of government assistance, living in single family households, and having a low-income job. The person does not expect better out of life, and does not try to achieve better. Most of the time it is passed on to them from childhood. For example, as a young girl I grew up in a single-family household with just my mother, no father. My mother worked two jobs just to make sure we had food to eat, and still that was not enough, because she had to receive government assistance. She was a high school drop-out without an education pass the 11th grade. As I grew up my mind frame was that of a poor child. Because I grow up poor, I felt worthless, with no care to do any better than my mother. College was something that I never thought about. My mind was struck in poverty until I moved myself out of my community, and seen better conditions. I then knew that poverty was not all life had to offer. Unfortunately, not all people are able to get out of the culture of poverty. They grow up, and start doing illegal things just to survive, and have no desire to do better for themselves.
Society has been addressing the issue of the culture of poverty, by first raising the level of living to incorporate low class families into the middle-class category. Society is doing this by increasing the minimum wage pay. By increasing the pay the low-income families are able to make more money to be able to put them above the poverty line. Once they are above the poverty line, families will be incorporated into the middle class. Families will then be able to afford their basics needs suc...

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... they talk to one another, gestures they use, and different languages. When they do this, they reach a shared understanding of their situation that they are in through these interactions, and problems without wanting to do better for themselves. For example, people who are in poverty sometime does not finish high school, and even if they do finish high school they do not seek a college education. They feel like they cannot do any better than their current situation. They attach themselves to living below the poverty line, and they get use to this way of living. These people are more focus on their interactions within their situation then the situation in and of itself. Symbolic interactionism study the mindset of these people through the languages, and symbols that they use, this allows us to better understand why they think, act, and do things the way that they do.

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