My Personal Educational Philosophy And Philosophy Essay

My Personal Educational Philosophy And Philosophy Essay

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Throughout the course of this semester, I have learned a vast amount about the educational system and how it influences its students, teachers, parents, and communities. This course was very eye-opening, I had never before thought about some of the main issues we discussed in this course. The focus of this paper will be discussing my own personal educational philosophy and approach to pedagogy using multiple examples that we discussed in this course. My approach to pedagogy includes self chosen tracking, opening up dialogue about culture and identity, and describing a mini lesson plan.
One of my main issues with policy is tracking. Tracking is the process of placing students with around the same level of ability in the same class. The research done on tracking is a bit muddy, some research supports it and other research denounces it. From my own personal experience. I would have to say that some sort of tracking is beneficial to students. The way I would go about tracking is having the main core classes such as: english, science, history, math, and language offer standard, honors, and college prep courses. That way a student can pick which class they would like to be in. If they want to challenge themselves and take the college prep class they can, or if they want to stay in a standard class that is also fine. By allowing the student to choose which class they can take, it takes away blame from teachers, for example if a student chose to do college prep geometry and they are failing it, it was their decision to take that course in the first place. On the other hand, if a student chose to take standard geometry, and the course is very simple for them, it was their decision to take it, and they are only hindering themselves. This wa...

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...ties, and lead to a more inclusive community within the school. “It is easier to believe that the current system is unproblematic than to name and respond to challenges” (Valle, 2011). We as a society need to start questioning our norms, and expand our ideas of inclusivity, or else the system will never change.

This semester has been very insightful, and has drastically changed the way I think about the educational system. I have learned about serious issues that I had previously never even thought existed. All of the topics that we have discussed has impacted the way I think about molding my own classroom. As stated above, I would start by having self driven tracking, and having a safe space for open dialogue about identity and culture. Unfortunately, the education system is not going to change overnight, but by making small steps, eventually we will see results.

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