Essay on My Personal Development

Essay on My Personal Development

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The Ecological-Systems Theory developed by Urie Bronfenbrenner (1917-2005) in 1979, consists of five environmental systems and examines how individuals interact with them. This approach often provides insight into the development of children and their relation to their environment.
Ecological Systems Theory
The five distinctive groups of the Ecological Systems Theory examines how they relate to each other and the role they play in a child’s development.
Microsystem. The Microsystem refers to the people an individual has a direct involvement with. Examples could include family, friends, teachers and members of one’s community. This system is attributed to the construct of our environment and our involvement with those around us who create it.
Mesosystem. The Mesosystem suggests that these Microsystems form relationships within one another throughout their development, resulting in a system within a system. As an example, an individual’s family experience may relate closely to their school or work experience, creating a link between the two. For instance, if a father abused his child, the child may find it difficult to form relationships with males in authoritative positions, such as employers or instructors. This might also manifest itself in the child by causing them to withdraw and feel alienated by their peers.
Exosystem. The Exosystem creates a connection between the external setting in which the individual has no active role, as well as the setting in which the individual is immediately involved. For example, if a child has a closer relationship with his older brother, than with his sister, and the brother goes away to university, the child may feel disconnected in the relationship with his sister. Alternatively, the si...

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...judgement to help me throughout my life. The development of my social skills as a child has been central to my psychological growth. The versatility of my development is attributed to emotional, physical and environmental factors. These factors played equally important parts in my developmental progress as a child and play an integral part in my emotional connection with others.
In retrospect, my personal development has transitioned many times throughout my life, the interaction between my physical and emotional self has been fluctuating as my immediate relationships and environment change. The resilience of the human mind and its ability to continue developing throughout our lives is the foremost contributing factor that separates us from our counterparts.

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