My Personal Definition Of Ethics Essay

My Personal Definition Of Ethics Essay

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My personal definition of ethics is a set of beliefs that govern the right or correct way one responds in a given situation. It is based on upbringing, religious reference, New Thought theory, personal integrity, a sense of right and wrong, and a feeling of “doing the right thing.” It is an ongoing process. Ethics, is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “the discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation. According to Johnson and Riley (2008), “the ethical life requires an integrated sense of self in relationship to others. It is a fundamental consistency between moral convictions and behavior across time and situations” (p. 3).
Morals, as a virtue, and as described by Aristotle are distinguished from intellectual virtues. Moral virtue has to do with feeling, choosing, and acting well (Payne). My definition of morals is behavior that demonstrates the right or good as set by a universal or personal standard. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines morals as ‘agreeing with a standard of right behavior’ (
The differences between ethics and morals can be distinguished as ethics being a philosophy of the way one ought to live, by the establishment of principles of right behavior. R. A. Houser and S. Thoma (2013) described ethics as “ integrated system of beliefs, values, standards, and self-images...” (as cited in Schlenker, 2008, p. 1079). Morals are the result of ethical behaviors, and define how one should act/react in specific situations. The differences and similarities between ethics and morals are that morals are personal values that determine actions/reactions. Ethics are personal
values that inform you how to act/react to any given situation. They complement...

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... and their ability to determine right and wrong purely by appeal to universal human qualities, especially rationality, and considers faith an unacceptable basis for action. It endorses a Moral Universalism based on the commonality of the human condition (Mastin, 2008). Therefore in choosing an ethical decision-making model, I would choose the virtue approach to ethics. This approach assumes that there are certain ideals toward which we should strive, which provide for the full development of our humanity. These ideals are discovered through thoughtful reflection on what kind of people we have the potential to become (Valesquez et al, 2014). According to Valesquez et al, 2014, in dealing with this approach I would have to reflect on questions that ask “what kind of person should I be? [and] what will promote the development of character within myself and my community?

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