My Personal Beliefs About Abortion Essay

My Personal Beliefs About Abortion Essay

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Let me first start by saying I am a Christian and I know this is a controversial matter. My personal beliefs about abortion comes from knowing too many people who have had more than a few. I understand the choice aspect of it but, I also feel that there are too many options out there for birth control. There are free clinics and everywhere, where you can just walk in and get condoms or make an appointment and get and exam and birth control pills. I really was not thrilled with the topic choice. I do not like conflict or controversial subjects so this is not a topic that I would have chosen, however being in a group majority rules.
When I was placed in group seven, I did not know what to expect. I actually did not understand how a collaboration project was going to work because this course was online. The first few attempts at communication did not go to well. I have never been good with group assignments. I always feel like I cannot bring much to the table. We were emailing each other .to find out about the topic. It was interesting to see how my teammates choice the topic. We chose the subject abortion because with the with this being an election year all the candidates would have something to say.
In the middle of the research period I had death in the family and did not feel like doing any research at all, and I did not. I felt bad that my teammates were doing most of the work so I kicked it into gear and started asking them questions. I was not getting any answers. So now I am thinking are they upset at me? Do they not want me in their group? How come we did not exchange phone numbers or do a conference call it would have been a lot easier. I was able to locate a few websites and some photos to add to the pr...

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...minists who decried abortion in the late 19th century. These were dates that we would not normally come across. The only case and date that I know in reference to abortion is 1973 Roe v. Wade, The Supreme Court decision strikes down all state laws that had previously made abortion illegal. Another interesting historic event in abortion 1974 Nellie Gray organized the first March for Life in the Capital, which continues annually, and begins garnering support for Human Life Amendment, which has been introduced in Congress the previous year.
In my conclusion I will say that whether you are pro-choice or pro-life it does not matter. What matters is your choice and who you have to answer too. Hilary said it best, “I believe that abortions need to be safe and rare.” There is not much you can say about the issue without being repeating the same information over and over.

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