My Perception Of Social Work Essay

My Perception Of Social Work Essay

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My perception of Social Work is constantly changing and developing. I began my journey on this degree naively; as entering a world towards humanitarianism. As many potential Social Work students, the terms ‘empower’, ‘empathy’ and ‘enable’, among others, were the most prevalent responses, when inquired during interview, as to why I wanted to become a Social Worker. Presently in my second year, I feel that I can assume that I am not alone amongst my peers, when I begin to question what Social Work is and would I truly like to be a Social Worker?
This essay does not claim to have the answers – perhaps it raises more questions. Be that as it may, what I have endeavoured to accomplish, is to explore why Social Work is so hard to characterise and what components influence the concept of Social Work. I conclude with my own take of what I believe Social Work claims to be; how I perceive the reality of what Social Work is today, as well as considering what Social Work could be.
Social Work became an ‘official’ profession, (meaning it is now an offence to call yourself a Social Worker, if you are not registered by the governing body; in this case Health and Care Professions Council, (HCPC)), accredited by the Care Standards Act 2000, but did not take effect until 2005 (Brindle, 2011). However, contingent upon individual perspectives of what Social Work is; roles of Social Work can be recognised over many past centuries. I will address what those roles are later on.
To understand and thus begin to define what Social Work is, I intend to start at the beginning; when was Social Work initially characterised? A familiar understanding of Social Work relates to assisting the ‘less fortunate’. Looking back as early as the fourteenth century, the ‘...

... middle of paper ... life was like before the reforms; before economy developed and opportunities became prominent. It was additionally the times when women were oppressed and seen as the lesser sex; that children were made to work at a young age above education.
Supposedly then social workers step in when the smaller unit cannot manage – is this always the case?? child protection a different matter?? Domestiv violence, addiction – is it different because a law has been broken we have a duty to step in so the unit has no choice as opposed to asking for help? Alcoholic mother/father social work sees a risk so risk has a large part to play regarding when social work intervenes
• In one and the same act, social workers became a group who could both judge the actions of others and seek to treat those actions.
• Social Work formed under the double perspective of control and cure, as it:

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