My Path towards Mechanical Engineering Essay

My Path towards Mechanical Engineering Essay

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I have been building ever since I was a little boy. Whether it was legos or go karts, I have always been building. When I graduate from Umass Lowell I want to be an engineer. I am currently in the mechanical engineering program at Umass Lowell. The reason I chose to study mechanical engineering was that I have found a deep love for watches. When I graduate I hope to work as a watchmaker or watch designer. I want to design the movements, faces, cases and straps of watches. I know that this is a hard profession to break into but nobody ever got to be where they wanted if they turned back at the first sight of adversity.
The first part of my plan is to work on my schooling. I am currently a freshman in college with my first semester drawing to an end. I am planning taking what I learned from my first semester and applying that to my second semester when that starts. The biggest thing I learned was time management. It is much better to buckle down and work on an assignment during the day then to put it off at night because then I have a tendency to put it off more by falling sleep. Fin...

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