My Paternal Grandmother 's Father Essay

My Paternal Grandmother 's Father Essay

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Arrowheads (7)

Your paternal grandmother’s father, Willie Swanson, while working his father’s fields in Peaceful Valley with a horse drawn walk behind plow, found these arrowheads. If you wish, I can show you where this occurred.

Bedroom Furniture (7)

Among the non-heirloom furniture, this is our second most valuable set. It is made of oak and consists of the bed, which will accept either a full or queen size box spring and mattress, a chest of drawers, and a dresser with a mirror.

Brown Checked Wool Throw (7)

Your mother bought this blanket in the Amana Colonies in Iowa. The four of us were returning from our family vacation in Missouri in 1991. We’ve used it in our family room as a comforter for many years.

David A. Maass’s “River’s Edge Courtship – Wild Turkeys” (7)

Your mother and I purchased this print of a flock of wild turkeys on a riverbank in the 1990s. Even though your mother picked it out, it probably has more meaning for me. The terrain reminds me of the St. Croix River bottoms where I’ve spent countless days hiking. I haven’t seen turkeys along the St. Croix River, but have seen them on numerous occasions while hiking elsewhere. The frequent sightings of wild turkeys near the cabin on Big Stone Lake reinforce my sentimental attachment to the print.

Fishing Drop Line (7)

This fishing apparatus belonged to your paternal grandmother’s paternal grandfather, Charles Swenson. That is all that I know for sure. It is likely that he made it himself and that he used it to catch fish from Goose Lake. His parents lived on the lake near the narrows. Charley’s son and my grandfather, William Swanson claimed that during his childhood, in the 1910s, the fish were so plentiful in Goose Lake they’d row out on...

... middle of paper ...

... it was your grandfather’s chair. It’s green, which was a popular color in the early 1970s. You can’t say that it is a thing of beauty, but it is comfortable. It’s currently still at the lake cabin. I intend on using it in my office, once I get that far with the refurbishing of the house in North Branch.

Petrified Wood (6)

In the 1920s, your paternal grandmother’s paternal grandparents, Charles and Anna Swenson and their son Willie, your paternal grandmother’s father, went on a road trip to California. Willie brought this piece of petrified wood home as a souvenir of that trip. Clara, your paternal grandmother’s mother, stayed home to take care of their business, the W.P. Swanson Confectionary. She was not happy with the arrangements.

Utilitarian Oil Lamp (6)

This lamp has the same history as the Decorative Oil Lamp. However, it is of a standard design.

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