Essay on My Passion For Serving Others

Essay on My Passion For Serving Others

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My passion for serving others began early in high school when I had the opportunity to assist the students in the special education department. With each interaction, I was awarded a new perspective on life. Each student in the classroom had his or her own story; a special journey that I found intriguing. Many people looked at these individuals and placed judgment. I spent time with them and learned more about myself. I had a realization of my eagerness to help those most in need. I recognized from this point I wanted a career where I could provide a positive service. When I entered college, I was unsure of what specific career path I should choose. I initially chose a major that I did not have a connection to. It would have allowed me to make a difference on the surface, but I wanted more for myself. I knew I could use my passion and skills for something deeper. I am not one to give up; I kept looking to find a major where I could demonstrate my strengths. I then was exposed to the field of Speech-Language Pathology, which resulted in a bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders. I found success within the field because I had the ability to serve and help others. However; after graduation, I realized I would not have the ability to give the field one-hundred percent of myself and reach my personal goals.

Once I graduated with a bachelor of science I assumed I would be working in a school or clinic performing speech and language assessments. I spent four years hyper focused on this career path and became blind to my own potential. I chose to pursue a career in social work because I wanted to continue to serve diverse populations and address the severity of social injustices. I want to have the knowledge and abil...

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... MSW degree from USC, I could not make a difference in these social problems. I understand I cannot completely change each and every social injustice, but making a small change is a goal I want to accomplish.

My understanding of the field of social work is defined by the core value of help. In the field, you are educated and trained to aid in the improvement of our society. More importantly, you are trained to help the most vulnerable individuals in our society. Having a role in my community that would give me the opportunity to make a difference through social work is the core commitment of my future. Being accepted into your graduate program will help me develop the skills I will need to reach my goals. I believe it is important to be an active member in my community, and I believe becoming a licensed social worker is one way I can serve my community properly.

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