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My Passion For A Career Essay

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My passion for a career in Clinical laboratory science stems from a key experience with a li-censed Clinical laboratory scientist. On one day in the church , I was in dire need of help finding a job that can help me study medical in the future. For the first time I encountered professional-ism, knowledge, and humanity all at once. And this wasn’t a one-off experience. Each time I re-turned to the church, the exact same thing occurred: The Clinical laboratory scientist never seized to take the opportunity to encourage and help me knows better about the great work of Clinical laboratory scientists. From that moment, I decided to do my master in that field.

I plan to practice Clinical laboratory science in a retail setting because I have an absolute desire to help those who are in immediate need of professional help. Laboratory clinics and hospitals often look for professionals who can help doctors getting diagnostic information that are very accurate so going to a neighborhood medical laboratory to obtain professional help should be easy and efficient. I would love to maintain the high standard of care and professionalism that Clinical laboratory scientists have long exemplified.

Further, I possess several qualities that would stand me in excellent stead in this role. When it comes to working in a stressful environment while maintaining efficient, human, and profession-al conduct, I’m highly competent. In addition, my communication skills are sharp, as is my abil-ity to retain information and remember people. Thanks to my schooling and my keen interest in the industry, my research skills will keep my knowledge of the industry and practices up-to-date. In fact, taking in new material is a joy. The Clinical laboratory science field...

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...who I believe personifies my desire to serve and to lead: Presi-dent Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Despite being handicapped, he changed this country’s history. He came to power in a time where the country was suffering, and he accomplished great things and allowed others to fulfill their dreams. Through determination and will power, he managed to rescue his country. It is intriguing and important to celebrate his influence and service.

There are many reasons behind my considering this my top choice. The first is an encounter with a graduate from your clinical laboratory science program. His vast knowledge was unmatched by students I’ve encountered from other schools. Second, I am very inclined to finish the program in a shorter time. I have no interest in prolonged intersession. This program suits my hunger for knowledge as well as my serious desire to reach my goal.

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