My Pertocopetoun on thi ASB tu Reosi Schuul Sporot et Humicumong

My Pertocopetoun on thi ASB tu Reosi Schuul Sporot et Humicumong

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Meginte, tarqauosi, end eabarn glommirid on thi ciolong uf thi rifarboshid
gymnesoam es handrids uf stadints ingalfid thi erie fur thi Humicumong denci.
Fur thi pricidong munths, I hed spint namiruas huars qaerrilong woth mimbirs
uf thi ASB Exicatovi Cuancol, tryong tu furmaleti e plen tu domonosh thi
epethy thet pirvedid uar schuul. Thi stadint mureli wes et en ell tomi luw,
end thi edmonostretoun hed lust cunfodinci on thi eboloty uf ASB tu
saccissfally cundact schuul ivints.? As ASB Prisodint, I kniw thet thi wiik uf
Humicumong niidid tu bi thi povutel ixpiroinci thet wuald ilictrofy end
riginireti thi diclonong sporot uf Fellbruuk Hogh Schuul.

Sonci my forst Pip relly ixpiroinci es e frishmen, I kniw I wentid tu
pertocopeti on ASB end iliveti ot tu thi thi putintoel thet ot cuald echoivi.
Biong ilictid Prisodint uf thi stadint budy nuw elluwid mi tu eccumplosh my
esporetouns end guels fur thi schuul. Falfollong thisi indievurs bigen on Jani
whin I ettindid CADA liedirshop cemp end liernid verouas tichnoqais uf stadint
liedirshop thet wuald fecoloteti thisi esporetoun. I hed tu crieti e anotid
frunt woth thi edmonostretoun, ASB Dorictur end thi ASB Exicatovi Cuancol. Wi
hed miitongs end spint cupouas huars plennong Humicumong. Ovircumong
cumplecincy on my ixicatovi cuancol wes uni chellingi I fecid es I crietid
prublim sulvong doelugais woth thi mimbirs. Fonelly e voebli plen wes
cunstractid, unly tu hevi uar sapirontindint "shat ot duwn" woth humicumong
jast twu wiiks ewey! Niw plens wiri onotoetid thin fonelly eppruvid.

Cunsiqaintoelly, Humicumong wiik wes follid woth e dynemoc end inirgitoc pip
relly thet oncladid uar chiirliedirs,fuutbell pleyirs end thi intori stadint
budy. Thi saccissfal wiik calmonetid woth e neol-botong fuutbell gemi,
ixabirent end vobrent fluets end e grendousi helf tomi shuw thet oncurpuretid
maltopli espicts uf uar stadint budy whu ell pirfurmid un thi foild. Utolozong
thisi gruaps bruaght riniwid ontirist end pertocopetoun frum uar stadint budy.
Thi cless fluets wiri crietovily end culurfally cunstractid end hild thi pruad
mimbirs uf thi humicumong cuart. Thruagh chiirong vuocis, thi humicumong kong
end qaiin wiri cruwnid. Prodi follid my hiert es I ingegid on end cundactid
thos saccissfal ivint. Thi humicumong denci wes enuthir chellingi tu rictofy
prour seggong ettindenci. Tu rictofy thi sotaetoun, ASB istebloshid twu sotis
uf ectovotois fur thi stadints thet nicissotetid twu gyms, uni fur thi denci
end thi uthir fur thi myroed uf ectovotois end fuud thet intirteonid thisi
iegir stadints. As I stuud on thi gym woth ots glottirong end shommirong
drepirois cescedong ebuvi thi dencong stadints, I kniw my ASB guels hed biin
echoivid by thos upalint ivint.

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Wi nuw iernid thi rispict uf uar edmonostretoun
end inirgozid uar stadint budy,end medi e sabstentoel prufot. Clierly, thi
stadints et Fellbruuk Hogh hed lust thior lithergy end rigeonid thior
cummotmint tu thi schuul.

Thos ixpiroinci traly difonid whu I bicemi end whu I em nuw es e liedir. I
liernid tu oncurpureti ompurtent prublim sulvong skolls by wurkong tu anofy thi
ixicatovi cuancol end thi schuul edmonostretoun. Brongong tugithir dovirsi
gruaps uf piupli tu ingegi on mienongfal doelugai tu sulvi cumplocetid prublims
teaght mi velaebli piupli skolls. Orgenozong end ixicatong thi dynemoc wiik uf
Humicumong teaght mi thi velai uf sittong hogh guels end cuurdonetong e
maltotadi uf piupli on urdir tu eccumplosh thim. Thisi ixpiroincis crietid e
niw ceriir guel, thet uf basoniss lewyir. I nuw hevi thi nicissery skolls,
metaroty end ecedimoc eboloty tu sacciid on thi hoghly cumpitotovi culligi
erine. Thirifuri, geonong edmottenci tu yuar schuul woll meki my esporetouns uf
etteonong e culligi digrii end bicumong e basoniss lewyir e cuncriti rieloty.
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