My Parents With Mother Being The Sole Caregiver And Disciplinary Parent Essay

My Parents With Mother Being The Sole Caregiver And Disciplinary Parent Essay

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Raised by my two parents with my mother being the sole caregiver and disciplinary parent. I had a completely different outlook on how I would raise my children when I became a parent. After having my own child, I found out very early on that raising children doesn’t always go as you once planned it would. I often catch myself doing the very same things that my mother once did when raising her children. For instance, I always thought I would never let my child eat junk food or canned foods like we did, but I often let my son eat the very same thing my siblings and I did growing up. I also remember repeating more than once that I would never lose my patience with my children. Although I wish I wouldn’t do that, it is almost impossible not to sometimes. There are plenty of ways I raise my child differently than my mom did; however, I often find I do things that are identical to how my mother did when raising us.
My mom raised us to the best of her ability. She was always the sole caregiver for my siblings and me. When we needed something done we went to her. My mother was very understanding of our grades as long as she knew we were trying our best. We weren’t allowed to miss school unless we was sick and the last week of school we got to stay home. When my mother cooked dinner we had to eat what she cooked. She didn’t fix us something separate. She
didn’t care if we ate junk food after or before our dinner as long as we ate all of our dinner. She would always fixed the children’s dinner before the adults. Like most parents today, we were never allowed to listen in on adult conversations. We had to play in our rooms or outside when my parents had company over. The only sport that we played was baseball. We had no choice but t...

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... do the complete opposite than what your parents did. It all goes off your perspective on how you think your child should be raised. You learn by your
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mistakes when raising your children especially when it your first child. Most parents change a lot on how they parent by the time they get to their last child, as my mom did. Out of all of my siblings, I had it the hardest. I was not allowed to do nearly as much as my older siblings could do when they were growing up. I am sure that I will do the same thing by the time I have my second or third child. Although your parents may have raised you a different way then what you’re doing with your children doesn’t mean they did things wrong, maybe you just have a different way of doing things. After all the only thing that really matters is that you tried your best and your children are loved and well taken care of.

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