My Parent 's Support Has Been The Most Crucial For Me Essay example

My Parent 's Support Has Been The Most Crucial For Me Essay example

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“He needs support!” my coach yelled as Gage charged forward with the rugby ball. He collided with a player from the other team and was taken to the ground. Before the opposition could steal the ball from Gage, Seth and I were there. We protected Gage and the ball from any players who tried to steal it. The ball was then gathered up by our team and passed on to another runner. That is your job when you are a forward in rugby. You support the runners and retain possession of the ball at all costs. It takes a great deal of dedication to be able to run non-stop and tackle people for the full 90 minutes of a rugby match. It was a combination of support and dedication that propelled my rugby team to the state championship. It was a similar combination of support and dedication that shaped me into the person I am today.
My parent’s support has been the most crucial for me. After my first semester of college my family took a long road trip. I had not performed well academically that semester and I had to ride the whole way with just my dad. After an hour of riding in silence my dad told me he was disappointed with me because he knew that I was capable of more. During that car ride he challenged me to take pride in and excel at what I do. From then on I told myself that I would find a way to work harder each semester. I started with a low GPA and increased it every semester until I finished with a much more respectable one. Finishing strong gave me a huge sense of accomplishment, but the best feeling was when my parents told me that they were proud of me. I never could have done it without their support and encouragement.
I have observed support play a large role in medicine as well. During my training to be an EMT in the emergency ...

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...uman beings rather than cases and went the extra mile to make them as comfortable as possible. I knew that that patient contact was the human aspect I was seeking in my search for the right medical field. I decided then that I wanted to be a DO and emulate that same regard for the patient as a person rather than a case that I had observed from Dr. Wilson.
The support I have received my whole life from friends, professors, and family members has made me into the dedicated person I am today. That dedication lead to me to take on a research project that required large amounts of time. The difficulties I faced with my research helped me to realize that I needed a human element in my career. Both the teamwork and support I observed from the emergency department team and the compassion I observed from Dr. Wilson made me decide that medicine is the right field for me.

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