My Parent 's Own Experience Essay

My Parent 's Own Experience Essay

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I chose to interview my mom for this assignment. Since my father is no longer with me, I had my mom account for him as best as she could. I decided to invite her out for lunch so we could enjoy heart to heart mother and daughter time while I interviewed her. I first read chapter three to understand what emotions and stresses parents faced, also, to really see what I could pull from the chapter in relation to my parent’s own experience. I already know my parent’s journey inside and out. I took this time to remind my mother that I love her. That I don’t blame or hate her, in fact that I’m thankful for her. I told her about my assignment and she agreed to meet me and we went through the story of parenthood over Texas cheese fries, chicken, and stake.
My mother was sixteen when she gave birth to my brother. She said that her life had been so messed up, up until that moment. When she realized that tiny little baby boy in her hands would need her, love her, and depend on her for his survival. She finally had someone who would love her unconditionally. She said she faced a lot of judgmental opinions when she decided to keep her baby. She even married his father. “I was a child, trying to grow up to raise a child. That’s just it. I was a child.” She tells me. “At the time I didn’t see anything wrong with my choices or even understand the magnitude of my choices.” she continued. When my mother gave birth to my brother and married his father, soon after she realized she was under a firm grip of her own mother. Considering she was sixteen, married, and had a child; she said that her mother made it practically impossible to grow up properly and offer no support in the area’s she needed support. The sudden responsibilities were overwhelming ...

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...guely familiar with the program.
As an educator I need to be open minded of each family’s situation. Either when it deals with children directly in my class or children I come across throughout my lifetime. Really to watch and offer my help in any way that I possibly can. Being an advocate for children includes their family. I believe my life would have been less of a struggle had my parent’s had the help they needed. That my mom would be more proud, more than she is now, of both of her children. That she would have more good memories and less regrets parenting. It takes a village to raise a child and my mother lacked that village. However, my father’s village was his parents and without them I don’t think I would have turned out the way I did. It’s important to care, to try to understand, and to listen. For each family is different and each have different needs.

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