My Parent Interviews Questions On The Classroom, Programming, And Environment

My Parent Interviews Questions On The Classroom, Programming, And Environment

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My Parent Interviews Questions:
1. How did your family come to select the current program/facility for your child?
2. What criteria were important in the selection of the program/facility (i.e., cost, teachers ' educational level, etc.)?
3. How does the program currently reflect the culture of their family?
4. Does the program arrange an effective environment?
5. What design considerations have the teachers taken into account in the classroom?
6. Are there photos of your child and/or your family in the classroom? Why or why not?
7. Are there other things you would like to have included in the classroom environment that aren 't currently?
8. What type of information is important to you about the classroom, programming, and environment?
9. How do you want to be notified of the program philosophy, activities, etc.?
10. What type for information would you like to have posted on the parent board?
11. Is there a place for you in the center or classroom to gather, exchange information, etc.?
12. What are the program 's strengths in meeting individual family needs?
13. What are the program 's challenges (or areas of growth) in meeting individual family needs?
14. Any other thoughts or bits of feedback for your child 's early childhood program?

Interview 1 Answer:
1. I selected the preschool because it is the only preschool which has teachers from my culture.
2. I want my child to prepare for elementary school in Japan when we will be back to Japan. So, most important criteria is a Japanese immersion the preschool offers.
3. The teachers help children to develop our native language. For example, the children sing at least one Japanese song and read Japanese books. Sometimes children learn Japanese calligraphy in the art time.
4. The p...

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...e this preschool were different, they were more than satisfied with the preschool. It seems that communication between the mothers and the teacher made their positive satisfaction. Information about what their children will do or did in the classrooms is the most essential for them, and the information is given to them via the Newsletter and direct talking with the teachers in the morning. Throughout those interviews, communication is really significant for parents and teacher in early childhood education settings.
As one mother pointed out, I think teacher’s blog would be helpful for both parents and teachers to share information accurately, quickly and fairly. Also, parents could post their questions or feedbacks on blog even though they are not able to come to their children’s school. Teacher’s blog could be one of the beneficial ways to involve in all parents.

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