My Parent Child Teacher Study Essay

My Parent Child Teacher Study Essay

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For my parent child teacher study, I decided to choose J He is a five-year-old Caucasian male in a half-day preschool classroom at the Portage Learning Center of Ravenna. He attends this class Monday-Thursday from 8:30am until 12pm. His three-year-old sister is in our classroom as well. His Aunt brings him to school everyday, but he rides the bus home. J is very energetic, but also caring and lovable. He is full of energy and definitely cares about how others are feeling. Everyday, he will say, “Miss Bethany, how is your day going?” J is a loving, caring child and really cares about the other children in the classroom.
During my interview, I would like to learn more about J’s life at home and any activities he participates in outside of school. I would also like to find out more about J’s family. My mentor teacher (Mrs. T) had informed me that J and his sister live with their aunt. I hope to find out why this is, but I also understand if J’s aunt doesn’t feel comfortable telling me. I know that J and his sister call their Aunt “Mom” so I’m curious to find out if they know their Aunt is not their biological mom. I also interested to see how this has affected them. I’m not sure if their Uncle is in their lives, but I would hopefully like to find this out as well. My mentor teacher also had mentioned her concerns about his challenging behavior during class time. I would like to find out more about this from his guardians to see if they are experiencing the same type of issues at home. I would also like to focus on J’s behavior issues. He acts out occasionally during class and will copy others’ behaviors. I’m curious to find out why this is. I will ask Mrs. T if she would be okay with me conducting an interview J’s guardian. I will ...

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...view, I would continue to keep in touch with her for the rest of the semester and update her on how J is doing in the classroom. I explained to her that we could just do this over email along with face-to-face communication in the morning when she drops J off at school.
For as long as I’ve been placed at this site, I’ve heard concerns from Mrs. T about J’s behavior, so going into this interview I had some assumptions and preconceptions. I’ve noticed some behavior issues with J, but never thought it was too severe. Although, this is my assumption, I could be missing something in my observations of J. I was also very excited going into this interview because I have small communication with J’s guardian in the morning, but only for a short period of time since she has to go to work. She is very friendly and easy to talk to so, I wasn’t worried for this interview at all.

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