Essay on `` My Papa 's Waltz `` By Theodore Roethke And Those Winter Sundays

Essay on `` My Papa 's Waltz `` By Theodore Roethke And Those Winter Sundays

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Like Father, Like Son?
Being a father is one thing, but being a father to a little boy that looks just like him is another beautiful thing. A father-son bond, relationship can be complex and diverse. Not every relationship is the same, this can depend on behavior or different thoughts and insights on things in life. Some father and their son are best of friends that they are one another’s best friend. Others are not so close and only talk once in awhile. Some see each other from time to time, while others do not even live in the same state. Those who or best of friends talk about everything and are there on hand when when is in need. What is an ideal father-son relationship? Honestly, there is not one. Reading and analyzing poems “My Papa’s Waltz” by Theodore Roethke and “Those Winter Sundays” by Robert Hayden, they both touch on a father-son relationship. They are connected when it comes to the love between a father and a son.
My Papa’s Waltz is written by Theodore Roethke. This poem is a reflection of his life. Theodore once had a conflicted relationship with his father. As much as he loved his father, he feared him. To make a long story short, the father had a little too much to drink next thing you know he is waltzing around the kitchen with his son. The image that is being described can be a happy moment between the two or a moment that is not considered the norm. “But I hung on like death” (3). This shows that the son in this poem loves his father so much that he disregards the whiskey on his father’s breath and the roughness his father may have because he is so drunk.
Meanwhile, the poem Winter Sundays by Robert Hayden the speaker is a son, the son is talking about his father that been unappreciated. At the beginning of t...

... middle of paper ...

... represent that event that happen in his life at the age fifteen. Some may view this poem has a father and son sharing a happy moment in their life dancing in the kitchen and it just so happens that the father is drunk. While others see this as an abusive father as well as alcoholic with a toxic relationship with their son. Any reader reading this poem will just have to have their own intake and perspective on whether or not how happy this poem really is.
Regardless of whether it is a father-son relationship or even a mother-daughter relationship, each relationship, bond should not be taken for granted, but appreciated. The outcome of the relationship depends on the behavior of the two and or they are willing to communicate with one another. No one wants to regret not being there or thanking their parent or letting them know that they love them when it is too late.

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