My Own Share Of The Educational System Essay

My Own Share Of The Educational System Essay

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In all my 33 years upon this earth I have had my fair share of the educational system. Just like one giant roller coaster up and down, side to side and then there were times I had felt like I was ejected from the cart. But it is the learning process and we learn from what is, was and what the present can bring us.
Kindergarten was an interesting time for me I can almost remember my first da the giant chalk board and all the beautiful bright colored pictures on the walls. I was so excited I already could read I knew my colors and could count past 100 thanks to Seseame Street. But because I didn’t go to preschool, I was put in the slow class. It didn’t bother me any I loved Mrs. Rigsby and all my class mates. It wasn’t too long after my teacher had pulled my out of class and sent me to the office. She told me I’m just “too smart for my own britches”. I had to take a small verbal test that the teachers had put together to see how much I did know. A few weeks later my mother received a letter in the mail I almost hid it before she had got to it I was afraid it was about the bad things that I had done at school. As I stood in front of her as she read it her eyes widen I thought I was in trouble but when she said “looks like your some kind of genius”. They wanted to move me up to second grade but my mother thought that would be social difficult for me. They settled at moving me to another Kindergarten teacher Mrs. House class which was just a little more advanced. While the other students were learning what I already knew I was told just sit back quietly and color. Not a very good way to handle the situation but there were no advanced classes and computers had not yet been introduced to our district.
As the years went...

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... machining chess pieces and welding. I had felt like I had found my nitch in the educational system.
Lately my encouragement to finish my education, has been my wonderful husband Johnny. I started college in 2001, but I was also working at an airport facility at the same time. 9/11 had just happened, my hours had increased due to TSA needing more guards on duty and as tough of a decision as it was I had chosen my job over my education. I have always regretted dropping out. Johnny had started a year ago, the same degree that I had started in 2001. So when he had to come up to take a test at Sinclair he took me with him. We walked around the campus and ended up at one of the many information centers he said “grab some information and sign up, no more regrets just do it”. So here I am now in my first semester attending classes and online I couldn’t be any happier.

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