Essay about My Own Active Listening Skills

Essay about My Own Active Listening Skills

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The purpose of this appraisal is to draw attention to my very own active listening skills. Throughout my life I have been told several times that I am a “good listener,” up until recently. After thinking long and hard about this comment, I became aware that it is an issue that I will need to manage if I plan on effectively communicating with my friend’s family and future coworkers. I purpose a plan to change my mindless listening back into mindful listening by withholding judgment, interrupting less, asking questions and paraphrasing.
Description of problem:
A Social skill such as effective listening is a crucial part of communication. Often I find myself assuming that I know what the other person is going to say before they even say it. This is a problem because I will start to react to what I assumed he or she was going to say through body language. This can send mixed messages to the sender and ultimately throw off effective communication. In situations of disagreement or criticism, judging before listening can lead to a feeling of anger as well as verbal interruptions. Verbal interruptions are a problem because it literally cuts off the other person’s message. I also want to recognize the need to avoid using counterfeit questions and replace them with paraphrases. Counterfeit questions are “statements that appear to ask for information but actually offer advice or criticism” (Adler et. al, p. 69). These types of question can pollute effective communication because it can cause the receiver to feel attacked and/or inadequate. Lastly, I want to draw attention to technology use during times of listening, whether it is in the classroom, at work or while communicating with a friend. Cell phones and computers are a di...

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...ucted the information from being process in the brain and inevitably hampering a students learning (Kuznekoff & Titsworth, p. 236). While in class I will practice turning off my cell phone before entering the classroom. As far as using my phone during other interactions I will use self-control and remind myself that it is impolite to check my phone while listening to someone.
Effective listening is a life long skill that must be maintained though practice. I am aware that my busy schedule has interfered with my listening skills, but my proposed plan ensures that I can regain these skills through withholding judgment, interrupting less, avoiding counterfeit questions and paraphrasing. If I am conscious of my shortcomings and am putting forth effort to change my behavior, I am certain that I will reach my goal of effective listening.

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