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My Opinion That People For The Most Part Essay

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It is my opinion that people, for the most part, could and very well should be more critical. This is especially true when referring to the consumption of information. Unfortunately, many people do not share this viewpoint and shy away from being critical, because criticism, by it’s own definitions, carries negative connotations. So, people avoid being critical, for fear of being labeled “nitpicky” or a “downer” amongst friends and colleagues. This is unfortunate because it promotes a lack of critical thinking that can be every harmful, even on a smaller, more personal scale. Too often people blindly accept what’s on television without ever having taken their own initiative and carried out their own personal research to get the bigger picture. It is dangerous to name your sources based on headlines and partial truths. However, if you simply take a moment to look things up and get some other opinions to support and bolster your own, you will be more far more knowledgeable on the subject as well as reliably informed. It is better to know a few things that are true, then to know a lot of things that can easily be refuted.

From a very young age we are taught to hold back any criticisms we may have for those of authority, be they our parents, teachers, bosses, or elders. Through minute everyday interactions throughout our childhood, minute interactions can often result in unintentional lifelong lessons. This backfires because in turn, many are not taught that criticism is not exclusively negative. Though I do believe it is very important to respect the authority figures in our lives, i do not believe withholding criticism is a sign of respect. Rather I see it as a result of intimidation or fear. People should instead realize that cr...

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... or fast definition of what it means to be critical. Merely, it is my own viewpoint on how best to express criticism in a way that will actually benefit, rather than insult the parties under fire.

Remaining critical opens the doors to higher levels of thinking as well as clear and informed understanding. Blindly accepting something based on solely on its surface is dangerous. It is for this reason that I beleive remaining critical is a moral responsibility. Spreading and consuming misinformation, may not only hurt you personally, but there is no telling who who your ignorance may be negatively affecting. On the other hand you would have the added benefit of remaining blissfully unaware of the reality of the world around you, which is a very short-term positive. Remaining critical and therefore informed is by far the only option if you wish to excel in the long term.

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