My Opinion On The Agency Essay

My Opinion On The Agency Essay

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My Opinion
After doing all this extensive research on the agency, Team One, I would have to say that all around I really like and approve of what this company does and what they stand for.
At first what drew me to them was their website. I liked how user friendly their page was and how it seemed fresh, new, and modern. I really appreciated the fact that when I was on the website I did not feel like I was getting lost in too much information or could not find where certain things were. This was because they were able to take me on a virtual tour of their web page making it easy for me to clearly see the different aspects of what they are about and what they aim to offer. The way their page was set up made it fun to go off on my own and click around on their different areas they offer to see for myself what they are all about. The site was easy to navigate through which made me positive that I am not the only technologically deficit person who is really thankful and drawn to that. The section of their web page where they had their team and individual segments of each persons’ personal accomplishments, what their role in the business was, and a humorous couple of facts about what they like doing away from work, such as “long walks on the beach with my dog,” was amusing to read and made me want to keep reading more. I appreciated learning exactly what this company stands for. They pride themselves on not just the finer things in life but also the finer things in life that bring aspiration and leave you yearning to strive for more. They challenge the potential client to see if they are good enough to be apart of the Team One production but in a friendly playful way. They make their service seem like one of a kind compared to the mill...

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...efore it. Thanks to Team One this advertisement furthered Lexus’ head on their competition.
After taking my own private tour of Team One’s website, reading all of the different areas in where they have succeeded, learned about what they stand for, what their goals and inspirations are, researched their background history of the beginning of the company from other reliable websites, met and got to know each team member individually without having to leave my desk, and watched video after video of their personal work, I was very impressed and pleased with my decision in choosing this advertisement agency over other ones. I love the fact they have won awards for their work and are confident in the capabilities of their team. Over all I feel that Team One is a great agency and proves this to the advertisement world not by fancy words but by bold “aspirational” actions.

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