My Opinion On Private Self Governance Essay

My Opinion On Private Self Governance Essay

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1. Type of Governance
In my opinion, private self-governance is the most appropriate type of governance to describe the photo of Floating House. Private self-governance means that no intervention from the state. The policy formulation and implementation are completely in the hand of private sector, in this case is the family who lives in the Floating House. From the photo, it can be seen that they are free from the state intervention to live in the Floating House. It looks like they are free to build such a house which is look fragile and endanger the occupant, especially children since it has no safety fence that will keep the children fall into the water. There are also no restrictions from the state in placing the house close to the cliff, the position where it might be vulnerable to falling materials may fall from the cliff or swept away and crashed into the cliff. The state tends to have a weak role and loose support in governance because governance in the photo is based on voluntary from those who live in the house.
In terms of forms of power, consensual power embodied in private self-governance. The photo shows no coercive power, nor contractual power. If there is a coercive power, where the state has an authority or a power in enforcing rule, the photo may show a different image. For example, if the state applying strict rules regarding the construction and safety of floating house, then the photo will show a save, sturdy, and strong floating house. The house might have fences that will protect the children falling into the water or it might be in a place far away from the cliff. The state would control the activity of the floating house. In addition, there is no contractual power also shows in the photo. It does not sh...

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...y their parent which is might be work, so the state must ensure the security of the neighbourhood. The Floating House also important to the state as its existence determines where they should patrol. It is also important for the state as they use it as a tool for planning the budget in delivering the services. The Floating House has a great influence to the state especially in how the state delivering security patrol and how to improve the services. Performance of the state in delivering security patrol can be seen from the level of public satisfaction and it can be done through a survey. The result of the survey will influence the service deliver by the state. For example, if currently they do patrol once a day and after conducting a survey, evidently the people want the state to do twice a day patrol, then it will become the state concern to fulfil the people want.

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