Essay on My Opinion On My Personal Philosophy

Essay on My Opinion On My Personal Philosophy

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This past semester in engile 101 I have learned how to take writing papers and make them my own. For the first paper in the class I was able to talk about a personal belief that I needed to find. In the rhetorical analysis paper where I was given a paper to read and evaluate the writers work and draw my own opinion on it. And in my latest paper for English I was to research something that I didn’t know about and join the discussion. For each of the papers I have always tried to put my personal spin on my papers even if that meant going off the prompt and writing.
For my first paper witch was a personal believe paper I chose to share my opinion on what I think makes people winners. When writing this I had to go into my normally thought process of how can I best show my ideas. But when talking about my opinions I like to use my life as a references because I have a reasonable knowledge on winning and losing being a somewhat of a jock. But also I’ve meet others who have shown me what it means to be a winner but I wasn’t able to include everyone because due to limitation and trying to ma...

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