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One of the most discussed and debated conversation that has been done over research writing is that, whether apprentice scholars is allowed to use personal pronouns and emotional language in research writing. This can be really confusing when apprentice scholars writing research paper , because lots of people have a same doubt in their brain, sometimes the personal pronouns and emotional language in the report or in research writing is more making sense with the writing and seems necessary in essay. Apprentice scholars is the undergraduate who are fresh and going to discover academic writing. Sommers and Saltz (2004) deems that the process that cumulative experience from writing and sustained instruction the gaining of expertise that provide students more chance to participate the world of research writing, then they transfer from novices to later as experts. In my opinion, apprentice scholar should avoid to use the first person pronouns and emotional language in their research with high frequently. The following article will be discuss the reason that first pronoun and emotion are should be avoid to appear in research writing.

First pronouns reflect more subjectivity sense which is not suitable for apprentice scholar. Research paper should be more objective character and the argument will be approved by the fact that the objectivity, or the lots of research and analyse done by researchers to prove the point of view is right or wrong, however, as the novice who are not require to do the huge work to prove argument, most time the evidence is the quote others existing research and opinion to certify that the view from writer is right. Kirkman (2005) also against to use first pronounce in research in his book and mention that r...

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...dgements, opinions, rumours and suspicion, however in research scholar require to be present fact, observation and logical argument. So as apprentice scholar writing research paper, they not encourage to use first person pronounce and emotional language frequently in research writing.

It is difficult for an apprentice scholar to refrain from use the world like I ,we, our and to express the emotion with topic or issue, especially when lecturers asked, "tell me what do you think with the case" and something like this related to personal experience and thinking. I suggest only if they are really want to know what you are thinking, you can use little of ‘I’ or ‘we’ to indicate position and thinking, but presented in research writing as a rational, objective argument. we still need to avoid using emotive language and provide reasoned argument make the point for authors.

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