Essay on My Observations From The Videos On Learning

Essay on My Observations From The Videos On Learning

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Some people say they woke up knowing they were meant to teach but this doesn’t exclude them from the hard work it takes to become a teacher. A lot of preparation, research, observation, and, of course, education is needed to be a teacher. This is what I have been working to achieve. I have written a short summary of my observations from the videos on
Most teaching strategies can be manipulated and used in any classroom. There are seven principals to teaching the arts; developing students as artist, addressing the diverse needs of students, choosing instruction approaches, creating rich learning environments. Fostering genuine communication, making the most of community resources, and nurturing independent thinkers. Everyone can create with proper instruction. A teacher needs to show the students how to create but not tell them what to create. Guidelines can be given to help steer the students towards self-discovery of the topic. Students need to learn how to develop their own understanding of the materials and be able to analyze it based on their own personal learning styles. Self-discovery can lead to a better understanding of the material. Teachers should push students to take risks but equip them for problems and opportunities. The skills they learn in the classroom can help them in the future, like holding them to high standards and giving real life examples. Sometimes it is hard to get students to focus, but making the lesson plans geared towards the students’ interests can help. Students will participate more in a lesson that is connected to something they have interest in. Listen to your students and learn about what safeties them because they can guide you to what is good, fun, and interesting. You have to f...

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...completely different than what is covered on the standardized tests. This can cause inaccuracy in assessing the degree at which the teacher taught the subject. Other tests do line up because the state curriculum is built upon the national content standards. This creates the argument of who should follow who. Standardized tests also create road blocks for teachers because they have to provide the students with a required amount of standardized test practice which does not promote independent thinking but the process of elimination. It doesn’t accurately reflect students learning completely either for those who have trouble with test taking because of personal disabilities. Though disliked, standardized tests have strengths and weaknesses. They do create a general assessment of National content skills for economical records and research to improve the education system.

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