Essay My Observation Of The Coffee Shop

Essay My Observation Of The Coffee Shop

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The coffee shop I decided to do my observation was the well known Starbucks just a couple blocks away. The reason I chose this coffee shop was because of it 's style inside, it attracted me. For example, one side of the wall has a glass top, and the lower part of the wall, made of wood and painted in a bright red color, which was one thing that attracted me and stood out. Outside of the shop people can actually see through the glass wall and get to see what’s happening inside of the coffeeshop. By the entrance you see these two red ceiling lamps which were shaped in a flower bud and these two tall green plants. Once you were in, on the right of the shop there was a counter with food and things to put in your drinks such as milk, sugar, chocolate, etc and the colors and how the food was displayed and served was appealing to my eyes. Behind that counter there was a long table with different electronic devices plugged into the wall. On the middle of the those there is a fridge just for ice and when I turned to the other side and I noticed a big menu on the wall. Further more into the shop, there was an area filled with tables, chairs, and sofas. The tables were in different shapes, one was round and the others rectangular, also there was four bamboo baskets and I looked around and noticed that the walls in that area were decorated with paintings.


Most of my trips were early in the morning before classes or in the afternoon after classes, depending of my schedule. Since the coffee shop was close to where I lived, I went the same way as I would always do every day. If it was in morning, I would walk there which was 7-10 blocks away and since we’re in fall, the morning were chilly and windy and the coffeeshop was warm. Wh...

... middle of paper ...

...idewalks and people passing by.
Overall Starbucks is a very popular and the reason behind is obviously the great coffee they served and also the kind of people that visits this coffee shop. This coffee house is really diverse because when you go there you never know what kind of people will be there and what you might see there, because while you’re just waiting in line or sitting you could meet some very interesting people. My short experience observing in Starbucks was interesting and eye opening because there’s many things happening around you and you just don’t noticed, also my curiosity made me interact. There was at times where nothing was happening, but that was because people were busy on their electronic devices. Doing this observation made me realize I should take a time of my day just to sit down because you never know what to expect even in a coffee house.

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