Essay on My Observation of a Couple at a Restaurant: Nonverbal Communication

Essay on My Observation of a Couple at a Restaurant: Nonverbal Communication

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On September 12, 2014, I observed two people; Person A and Person B. The observation took place at Applebee’s, a local restaurant, beginning at 7:21 p.m. and ending observation at 8:06 p.m. I was serving their table for the evening, enabling myself to observe them closely. The restaurant had died down from the dinner rush, leaving them one of three tables in the smoking section, normally filled with eight. Along with the outside light fading, the lighting indoors was dim, making the dining experience feel more quiet and intimate. The background noise was filled with a light roar of other group’s conversations, and a jazz station played quietly from the speakers overhead.
Person A was a male around the age of 24. He was tall and thin with a short dark haircut and brown eyes. The first nonverbal observation I made of Person A was the way he was dressed. He had on a blue-collared, button-down shirt and a pair of dark jeans. His clothing was coordinated with a pair of brown suede shoes. I think he took time to put this outfit together. Another nonverbal observation I made was his smell. As soon as I approached the table, I caught a subtle whiff of male cologne. The smell, however, was not overbearing.
The next few observations involve his interactions with Person B. Person A was consistently reaching across the table and holding Person B’s hand. Whenever possible, he was touching Person B in some way—whether holding her hand or rubbing her arm. Another observation was his use of personal space. Upon walking to the table, Person A had his arm around Person B and was holding Person B close. There was no personal space needed for Person A in this instance. A fourth o...

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...nies Person B’s giggling, was her facial expressions. I could tell from the smile on her face that she was enjoying her dinner with Person A. Her smile was genuine. This was mirrored between both of them, which strongly suggested they both enjoyed their time together.
In conclusion, it appears Person A and Person B were on a date. From the way they were dressed to the way they laughed, it was apparent they were more than friends. The observations made it clear to me that they enjoy their time together and enjoyed their dinner and the company that particular night. Their similar nonverbal cues of holding hands, lack of personal space, posture, and happy facial expression confirmed they were on a date and that they care for each other. I am confident in my conclusion because the nonverbal cues were so clear. I enjoyed observing and serving this couple.

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