My Observation At The Classroom Is An Amazing Way For Kids Essay

My Observation At The Classroom Is An Amazing Way For Kids Essay

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Using manipulatives in the classroom is an amazing way for kids to not only explain, but also show their thinking and cognitive skills. Throughout my observation of this assignment there were several manipulatives used in the centers as well as lesson plans at the schools I observed at. Manipulative play is easy to set up and can happen indoors or out. The definition of a manipulative would be physical objects that are used as teaching tools to engage students in the hands-on learning. They can be used to introduce, practice, or remediate a concept. It is highly important that schools and childcare centers incorporate this type of learning into their programs. A manipulative may be as simple as grains of rice or as sophisticated as a model of our solar system or even blocks for math. Concrete models can also be very beneficial to a child’s understanding when using manipulatives, due to the fact that help with real situations they may possibly encounter. The manipulatives I saw in the classrooms would be blocks, bears, straws, a rug chart, as well as colored sticks. Majority of these items were used for either counting or sorting. According to Caston Cain, “All aspects of manipulatives practice fine motor skills from picking up pieces to stacking, snapping together and even taking them apart. Little fingers are working hard and reinforcing those writing muscles” (1996). Manipulative that involves hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Children need the opportunity to work on finer skills that involve a little more control and direction. Manipulative play develops the sense of coordination, challenging their little fingers to follow the lines or use their tools properly.
Teachers can support children 's play with manipulatives b...

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...tion took some blocks and went nearby and played by himself. According to Parten this would be known as parallel play.

• Onlooker Play- When some of the students went to the reading station and prepared to read books this particular student took a book off the shelf and looked over the students as they read. When another one of the students read a book he pretended to act it out as if he was reading the book himself. Nevertheless this meant that he himself was engaged in parallel play.

• Cooperative Play - I noticed two boys playing on the rug and they were playing with blocks building the same thing, talking with each other and working together to create something bigger. This type of play is known as cooperative play.

Insight: I learned more about the types of play after doing this assignment and how often I saw them being performed in a classroom setting.

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