Essay My Note On My Mother And Grandmother

Essay My Note On My Mother And Grandmother

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I started learning to read and write around age three. My mother and grandmother were the two biggest influences in my early years of reading and writing. They always read to me and made me watch educational kid shows such as Barney. Even though sometimes I was not interested in reading, it helped tremendously. I’ve had many teachers motivate me to do better and help me with my weaknesses in literature. I still love to read, but only interesting stuff appeals to me. Many people in my life have helped me grow as a reader and writer, and I’ve learned a few things on my own too.
When I was younger my mother would drop me off at my grandmother’s house while she went to work. I always thought I would be able to just sleep and eat, but I was wrong. As soon as I walked through the door, she would get out a sheet of paper and a pencil out. I remember having to write basic words such as “cat”, “dog”, and “run”. Since I was young I didn’t see the use of writing; I honestly thought it was pointless. I changed my perspective when my cousin, who is months older than I am, visited my grandma’s house. My grandmother made us both write down ten words. She graded them, and I made significantly higher than my cousin. That just proved to me that I was smarter than my cousin only because my mom would make me practice and her mother did not.. On the weekends, when my mom was not working, she’d turn the television to educational shows. I just watched the shows because I was amused by the little songs and all the completely obvious questions that the characters would ask me; meanwhile, I was learning. After having written, read, and watched all of those shows, I learned easily throughout school.
As I grew older, there were certain teachers that jus...

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...tremely thankful for all of those who have taken time out of their lives to aid me.
For the most part, I started learning to reading and write at a young age. My mother and grandmother made sure I had a good foundation of reading and writing before I even started school. They also made me watch educational shows. When in school, certain teachers always pushed me to do better job at reading I’ve learned a lot from other people but, I have certain methods that I use to further my education. By taking this English composition class, I hope to gain more knowledge about how to write properly. I’m sure there is a plethora of things that I’ve yet to learn, but learning new things excites me therefore I’m ready. Reading and writing is important and I enjoy learning it. I’ve learned a lot from other people but, I have certain methods that I use to further my education.

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