My Night At My Friend 's House Essay

My Night At My Friend 's House Essay

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The year was 2001 and it all seems like a normal weekend night; little did I know this night would change my life forever. I was in 7th grade living in San Diego, CA and I had convinced my mother to let me spend the night at my friend Cody’s house. Now Cody had an older brother named James who I would see on the computer all the time. I had used computers in school before but nothing really serious; remember when “Ask Jeeves” was the search engine everyone used? I ask James what he was doing on the computer and he explained to me a game called StarCraft. StarCraft is a real time strategy game where you compete one on one versus another opponent and try to be the last man standing with your virtual army. James was nice enough to let me give it a shot and guided me through the process even though I was terrible at it. After one game I was hooked, I ended up playing the entire night and many nights after that. Although it did not mean much to me at the time little did I know this was just the beginning.
After a few months of playing StarCraft I began to want to know more on how the game worked. I would sometimes play against people who we all know as “hackers” or “cheaters”. I wanted to understand the game at the level they did. What made them different from me? How could they make the game do whatever they wanted? So I did some research online sadly there was not much information on what I wanted or I just could not find it. The only information I did find would require programming knowledge that I did not have. I hurried to the library and rented different books on programming languages and began programing. It did not take long for me to complete my first book that was on the Visual Basic. I thought I was a god for being able to u...

... middle of paper ... or just computers in general are my dream job. From being a young kid playing StarCraft to an adult operating satellites for the Air Force; that feeling of greatness when I sit down and create something has never changed.
I have come a long way since that night 15 years ago. Looking back on that moment and how it really changed my life has made me wonder sometimes. Devoting thousands and thousands of hours of researching and sticking my nose in books or forums online learning as much as possible about computers and how they work. I could have spent that time elsewhere and maybe done something else. Even when I think really hard about it I can never think of anything else I would rather do than computers. Except maybe becoming an astronaut… Just kidding space is as scary place and the sun is always trying to kill you. I’d rather build software for the astronauts!

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