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My New Poetry Book Report Essay

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My new poetry book, which was previously Fugitive Pieces and is now currently Poems on Various Occasions, was just recently printed privately and one hundred copies have been produced (Poetry Foundation). It is my sincerest hope this publication will go a smoother route than that of my previous publication.
Despite my successful publication, I am having some money troubles. To resolve this I went to the Dorant’s Hotel, which is located in London, in an attempt to raise some money. I was unfortunately unable to raise any in this location, but I was able to do so through moneylenders and with the help of Mrs. Massingbred. From this exchange, I was able to obtain 3000 pounds with the promise that I would return to them 5000 pounds within six months (The Byron Chronology). It was a risky exchange but one I was willing to participate in. Currency is key in this world.
I have only recently arrived in London after I have been gone from my home country for a little more than two years (BBC News). Over these past two years I have all but traveled the entire world. I apologize for my lack of entries at this time, for I have been extremely busy indeed. I traveled with many fine people from everywhere in between Libson all the way to Athens (The Byron Chronology). During my trip I had a splendid time, met new and interesting people, and wrote a few poems. One of them is Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage. An excerpt from this is:

This poem details the journey of a youthful aristocrat through his Grand Tour in Europe as well as his travels throughout the Middle East (Poetry Foundation). I do hope this poem will have the power to lift me out of my financial slums.
Nevertheless, I have returned, and it is now time to reestablish friendships and a...

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...estly I feel as though I was doing her a favor (
This brings me nearly where I am today. I feel very strongly about independence and my views are quite liberal, so when I got wind of Greece’s attempt to gain independence from Turkey I pounced on the opportunity. I feel as though what I am doing will do some good and that is all I can expect of myself. The other day, against the advisory of some of my peers, I went riding in the rain because if one cannot ride in the rain every once in a while, one cannot appreciate riding under the sun. Yet, it seems my actions have gotten the better of me. After coming back from riding in the harsh weather I contracted a fever and the doctors fear the worst (Poet’s Graves). As I write these very words I am lying on what I fear is my death bed. I am tired, and despite what may happen “Now I shall go to sleep” (Byron).

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