My Naval Academy Experience On Induction

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From the very start of my Naval Academy experience on Induction Day, I have been constantly immersed in a wide variety of different leadership philosophies ranging anywhere from negative to positive. As a follower plebe year, I was a participant in the “leadership laboratory” that is Bancroft Hall run by the upperclassmen. During this time, I was able directly witness which types of leadership and training techniques that were effective and benefitted to my personal development, as well as the methods that did not work. As I advanced through the Academy and eventually became an upperclassman in leadership positions with responsibilities, I am now able to remember and reflect on these experiences from when I was a follower. In doing so, I can now focus on the positive methods that worked to influence me and try to steer away from the negative techniques that were not as effective. A leader does not simply wake up one morning and find their leadership philosophy. It is a combination of all of their personality and past experiences. The Naval Academy gives midshipmen ample opportunities to broaden their leadership tool box through followership, classroom instruction, and most importantly, by putting midshipmen in real leadership positions within their company and clubs so that they can form their leadership philosophy to be better officers in the fleet. After my first two years at the Naval Academy, I have reflected and realized the strong leadership traits that I possess, as well as those traits that I do not have and need to work to improve my range of influence. Through different leadership positions and the interactions with the people around me while in those positions, I have learned that when put in situations I am effective... ... middle of paper ... ...ilt. After lots of reflection about what leadership means to me and how I want to form my leadership philosophy, I have realized that my ideal leadership philosophy is the summation of all of the good leadership techniques and methods that I have witnessed while here at the Academy. One of the things that makes the Academy so great when compared to the other commissioning sources is that we are given four years to first be led by upper-class midshipmen and then practice what we have learned to actually lead other midshipmen when we are juniors and seniors. This gives us a chance to experiment new techniques and learn from our mistakes so we are better prepared leaders after we commission as officers in the fleet. I want to be a leader who is not afraid to work hard, goes out of his way to take care of his people, and accomplishes the mission at the end of the day.

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