My Motivation To Continue In Nursing Essay

My Motivation To Continue In Nursing Essay

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This author has had the pleasure of working in the nursing profession for fifteen years. Throughout those fifteen years and currently this author continues to have a deep desire and compassion to continue and grow my career in the field of nursing. This paper examines the reasons that motivate this author to continue my career in the nursing the profession, frustrations encountered along the way, and the importance of obtaining additional education such as a Bachelors of Science in Nursing.
Nursing Career
This author graduated from Chemeketa Community College in June of 1996 with an Associate of Applied Science. Shortly there-after in July of 1996 for a brief period began employment in an Intermediate Care Facility that specialized in care of the elderly Alzheimer’s patient.
In December of 1996 this author started employment at Salem Hospital in Salem, Oregon on the medical unit. The medical unit served a generalized patient population that entered the hospital due to acute illnesses. The medical unit over the course of a few years transitioned into a medical –telemetry unit that started to mainly monitor patients with medical conditions that may produce cardiac irregularities. During the second year of my employment this author was trained and attained the role of unit charge nurse. For the past fifteen years this patient population and nursing role has been very rewarding and satisfying.
Motivation to Continue In the Nursing Profession
A Job
Nursing is a job that is in demand and has many benefits. With the growing population, increase in chronic illnesses, and advances in healthcare and technology the need for competent, skilled nurses continues to grow. Nurses can go to work in numerous patient care se...

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