My Mother Who I Call Granny Essay

My Mother Who I Call Granny Essay

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I grew up with a what I thought was a normal family. My family consisted of my mom, my dad, my sister, and me. I grew up in a three-bedroom house in a small town in Tennessee. My family is not perfect and I realized throughout my childhood. My grandmother, who I call granny was an inspiring woman through her younger years or at least that’s what I thought as a young child. Although I was too young to judge people for their actions I was not too young to remember those actions. I love my granny but growing up I did not know my granny was unlike everyone else’s grandmother.
As a little girl I was not old enough to know the difference between what was wrong and what was right for adults. I just wanted a family who loved me no matter what. My sister and I always enjoyed staying at my memaw and granny’s. It was a small brown trailer that sat on top of a hill with a long gravel drive leading up to it. We would stay every day of the week if our parents would let us. As time went on we did not stay with them as much, but I couldn’t understand why. I remember waking up in the morning to my memaw having the best breakfast cooked just waiting for my granny to wake up. I would walk into the back bedroom filled with carousels, my granny loved carousels, to find my granny still sleeping at twelve o’clock in the day. She had a drug problem and this wasn’t the end of my family witnessing it, it was not the beginning either. I looked up to my granny and had no idea that this had been going on for as long as it had.
My granny was never there for my dad. She never made it to his basketball or football games. She did not even come to his high school graduation. My granny was a beautiful and kind woman all her during her younger years and she still ...

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... better. She did not want to live that way anymore. We were older now and we understood what was going on and we did not have to see her if we did not want to. My granny did not want that she wanted us in her lives so she left the drugs go and started going to church. Seeing what it has done to my family, especially my dad, I do not ever want to be involved with drugs. I do not want my family to be ashamed of me like they have been of my granny in the past. I want my children someday to be around their great grandmother and not have to know about her past. Family is all that you have and you do not want to lose them because you will not have anything. Drugs can make you lose everything and I am not willing to lose my family or the respect of others in my community. Drugs are not worth it losing anything you have so do not get involved or get help while you still can.

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