Essay about My Mother 's Life With Multiple Sclerosis

Essay about My Mother 's Life With Multiple Sclerosis

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Everything began and ended the thirteenth. My parents were married on Friday, May the 13th. They were blissfully in love and unaware of the way it would end. I was born in May. My mother coddled me. My father doted on me. Picture after picture filled photo albums and stuffed shelves. Mom always told me, “Love is like a faucet; it can’t be turned on and off.
Years began to pass. They were happy and blissful years. I had grown up. My brother was born and grew up. Life was “picket fence” perfect. Mom was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She went on tons of medicine that crowded the counter and was always a reminder of her disability (but she was always strong). Eventually things started to get worse as the pain increased. We did not know how bad it really was. Then one day I heard my mother’s car leave the driveway without a warning. Dad soon came into my room to tell me mom had left. The next nights were hell as things quickly unraveled. Dad had been staying late at office more often. He was not at the office. He spoke on the phone to “Jim” who sounded an often like a woman. Then we had to lie to my brother and tell him, “Mom will be home soon.” Mom had left on Sunday and on Monday a cop showed up at my door. He came with worse news I had ever anticipated. Mom was dead. The cause of death was a severed femoral artery. We found her note. We learned she was going to be paralyzed in two years and just could not do it anymore.
She died on Tuesday the thirteenth of October, 2014. My brother was eleven and I was seventeen. Everything fell apart in my life and in my family. The picket fence has begun to rot. Dad left with my brother and moved into “Jim’s” house. My younger brother was sheltered from the worst of it. I was left alone ...

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... is on a shelf in my apartment surrounded of pictures of those nostalgic, “picket fence” summer days. I have learned that life moves on whether or not you are ready for it. I still miss my mother and I am still healing.
My mother’s death is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I love my mother and she is still very close to my heart. I am still learning to deal with all the ripples her death has caused throughout my life. My father is still present in my life. My dad’s wife, “Jim”, and I know each other well enough. I have had to let go of my grudges against them. Next June, on my mother’s birthday, I am driving down to the beach she took us to as kids to scatter her ashes. I am trying to piece myself back together and rid myself of the cold that had seeped so deeply into me. Some memories are too harsh to relive. I still cry over her. I am still healing.

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