Essay My Mother 's House For The Weekend

Essay My Mother 's House For The Weekend

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On a late spring day in 2004, my mother had taken my sisters and me to Walmart to grocery shop. While in the frozen food section, a scruffy, balding gentleman approached the lot of us with outstretched arms while calling my mother’s nickname. Being only seven at the time, I stood in shock as this stranger began having small talk with my mother. He knew my oldest sister by her first name, pointed at me and asked if I was Ashley, and pointed to my younger sister and asked for her name. Those few minutes in the store were actually the interlude for the next ten years of my life.
As a child, my older sister would go to her dad’s house for the weekend. I didn’t understand how she could have two fathers. How could she go to her dad’s house if her dad was sitting on the couch in the next room? I understood my sister’s situation when my mom had told me that I had another father. She had told me that the stranger in Walmart was my biological father, and that the dad that I’ve known my whole life was, in fact, my step-dad. I thought I had more family to spend time with and, of course, more presents for my birthday and Christmas. Little did I know that this newfound family would never hold a candle stick to the family that I’ve had since birth.
My parents had informed me the same day that my biological father, Ambrose, ran into my mother. My mother had warned me of the nature of my father and his family, such as not wanting me, but I insisted on getting to know him despite the unforeseen obstacles that lied ahead. That very night I had sat with her at the kitchen table while she flipped through the phone book, looking for his number. The conversation was quiet and awkward at first, but ended with plans to meet him and my tw...

... middle of paper ... at me, which had been went through and turned off. I told my mom of the situation and went straight to bed. That morning I took another shower, and by the time that I came out of the restroom, my boyfriend had pulled into the driveway to rescue me from my situation.
Since learning of my biological father, I have grown to understand that I may have come into this world as a surprise, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t go on to do great things with my life. I don’t need the approval of others to achieve my goals and dreams.
My step father has continued to be there for me. He has been there for me since my mom knew that she was pregnant with me. He has supplied me with everything that I’ve ever needed or wanted. The last time that I saw Ambrose helped me realize that the people that care for you and love you don’t necessarily have to be blood relatives.

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