My Mother, Father And Grandmother Essay

My Mother, Father And Grandmother Essay

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Miguel resides with his mother, father and grandmother. He is a 16 year-old male Latina of Mexican ethnicity. His parents are legal immigrants from Mexico but met and eventually, got married after they arrived in the United States. His mother is pregnant, which means that Miguel will soon have a sister. Miguel has been struggling academically even though he loves literature and writing. At home Miguel’s family speak Spanish but Miguel is fluent in both English and Spanish. He has been having challenges with his identity, which is the reason he identifies himself as “Chicano-American and not Latina.
Miguel enjoys writing and literature but his father does not believe that is what Miguel as a male should be doing. As Gladding (2006) points out, gender roles are "the characteristics and behaviors assigned to individuals because of their sex". His father believes Miguel should play sports because of his sex. Gender roles are unrealistic because not one person is the same as another. Some boys can be interested in cooking and girls interested in sports and vice versa, it all depends on "their interests, abilities, and temperament" (Gladding, 2006). Miguel is not only trying to figure out who he is as an individual but he is also confused by the fact that other people confuse him for a race that’s not his. Additionally, Miguel looks nothing like his parents, his is more educated and speak English which they don’t. All these differences pushes him from identifying himself as his parents identify themselves. Miguel does not feel that he belongs to the same group level as his parents, which is why he identifies himself as Chicano-American.
Miguel’s parents have values of collectivism because they value their family working and staying...

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...sion, imposing their values and standards upon culturally diverse clients” (p. 96). As Miguel’s therapist I need to understand not only myself but the values, beliefs, attitudes of people around me as well. Another challenge I would I have while counseling is having him focusing on himself as an individual and not collectivism with his family. As a therapist my role is to encourage him to be autonomous. I am there to make help him make the right choices and actions, as longs those actions and choices do not affect other people (Hill, 2014, p. 55). Whatever actions or choices Miguel is going to make, will affect his family but they will not harm them; which a good thing. Before, Miguel can make any decisions about his life he will need to consult his family. With his being pregnant, it will make it even harder for Miguel to think about himself and not the family too.

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