My Mother And I Were On The Front Porch Essay

My Mother And I Were On The Front Porch Essay

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My mom and I were on the front porch on night talking about nonsense, until we heard the stuttering of a car late at night. The car stopped in our driveway and then we found that it was my granny, she hated being called grandma it made her feel old, her long blonde going down her back turning her head towards her blue eyes looking at my mother. She called my mother to her car talking about she went to the doctor and they discovered cancer in her stomach. After my granny left the house my mom sat on the porch crying holding a piece of paper in her hands. She told me everything about the cancer where it was as she handed me the papers. I flip through the paper, as if I didn’t know what the word cancer like I didn’t know what cancer does to the body, I looked at my mom her face red with tears. I got up and told her that I loved her and I was going to bed, she stopped me and said that everything was going to be okay that she would get better; I held my mother tight crying like I never cried before. I lay in my bed praying to God that she would live to see my graduation and to see my kids if I had any. The next at school I cried in school because a part of me wanted to be strong for my mother, I cried for weeks and every time I tried to tell a teacher about her I would burst into tears not even finishing the sentence. My mom told the man who married my granny years ago about her “illness” I sat beside her I shed not a tear while my mom got choked up telling him, the man called me heartless. As months passed to me the only thing that changed is that she had cut her hair, to others she lost weight or her voice got softer, I honestly never really saw a difference. My sister started staying at her home the more her health failed, my g...

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...g of the loved one and everything else. When I had left the office I went to the restroom and cried in the stalls thinking that I am not okay that I never dealt with the pain and death of my granny. I only have memories of her and I feel that memories fade just like the person who had died and I couldn’t help but think that if I went to the funeral and the wake will I really get over the fact that I lost people that I love. Just like years ago my sister lost her baby and I was there to see her, hold her or even talk to her. And now that my granny has died I feel the same way as of now I will feel this way, but I remember less of her each day the way she smile, her eyes and her hair. Each day I can see this taking a toll on my mother, she once told me that she never understood why my dad changed the way he did after his mother died of cancer but now she knows.

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