My Most Types Of Writing Experiences Essay

My Most Types Of Writing Experiences Essay

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Throughout taking college courses I can say that I have experienced all types of writing experiences. I have taken many different types of courses, for example, philosophy, psychology, western civilization, Composition I, Composition II, and English 112. Even though it was writing papers in each course, I had to develop different techniques in each course. In my composition courses and in English courses, the course work was very similar within the types of writing I was assigned. Many of them included analyses, research, and drafting. You use the research and information you find about a certain topic and you develop a paper about it, but putting information from multiple sources into your paper. Overall I have had many different writing experiences which in all include papers, drafting, revision, essay exams, research and analysis writings. My strongest writing experience would have to be revision. It really helps me out when I get the chance to have someone else peer edit my paper, and then I get feedback given to me. Once I am given feedback I am able to find certain mistakes that I missed myself or curtain elements I didn 't hit strong enough. I was very familiar with most of the writing assignments in my English 112 course, because I was taken previous college writing courses, but in my philosophy and in my history courses it was new types of writing assignments that I needed to learn. I found my philosophy writing assignments to be very difficult at first and they were very hard to write, but after awhile it came earlier than I had thought. The writing assignments in that course really challenged my writing skills on a different level and really made me open my mind up to new writing ideas and new writing skills. In my hist...

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...a lab report, having the skill of writing is going to be necessary in order for me to achieve my goal. I plan to major in diagnostics at Grand Valley State University. I plan to transfer in the Fall of 2016, and start my way to success. In my transfer application, I am required to write about four essays, so having the writing skills I have learned this year will help make that task easier. I will also have to write additional essays to get into the specific program. I will also be taking another four years of college, and there sure will be classes that will require me to attain writing skills. Therefore, there is going to be a lot of writing to get to where I would like to go. As I go off into my career I will be writing lab reports, writing results, and even writing letters to patients in explaining what is being seen. I cannot wait for what my future has in store.

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