My Most Memorable Game Games Essay

My Most Memorable Game Games Essay

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My most memorable softball game was when I was 14 playing for a team called the ninja dolphins we were in a 2 day Halloween tournament played the first day we played two games and we won both the next day was Sunday we got there super early because we had 3 games that day if we wanted to make the championship game. I remember making it to the championship game we were winning and then we were down by two so we had to hit the ball like we never had it before remember having to go up to bat and there were runners on second and third and hit the ball I hit to right center field and got both of my teammates scored and then we got the lead and I remember stealing second base then our last two batters struck out. It was our last chance you are in the field I was in the field remember having runners on base I think they were first and second with two outs and our pitcher Anika was pitching this inning. She had pitched the perfect pitch right down the middle and the girl at bad had ended up hitting it right to me I saw the ball coming towards me it was the highest pop fly I had ever seen and I was so afraid of me dropping the ball I remember when the ball finally dropped I heard a pop in my glove and it was the ball I had caught the game winning catch to win first place on this long tournament weekend. My teammates ran out from the dugout and in the field ran out to me and bombarded me with hugs and knowing I help win the game made me feel amazing. And i got to keep the ball from that game. This was the game where I realized I wanted to play it so I can get into a good school and be happy with my education. But my dreams were crushed when I had a career ending injury my sophomore year.

Once I was a softball player hoping to play for a d...

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...lling behind in her classes because she never had time for homework was a good decision and saving my body from deteriorating was the best decision I had ever made for myself
Now I am confident with myself I don 't have to hide my true personality with people and hiding what really want to say. I have conversations with random people every day before I would only talk to friends or family. I can be myself around others and not be embarrassed by the situations happening around me. I learn new things about myself every day and now I have no problem talking to my peers around me. Now I can say I’m confident with myself and knowing this helps me get through the tough situations. Before I was afraid of being judged by what I did or said but now I don 't have a care in the world about what people think I’m a confident woman learning how to live life in the real world.

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