My Mom Is Special Because

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As I 've grown up, I 've viewed my mom in very different ways. Talking to my niece this weekend, I asked her about her mom. She said, "My mom is special because..." and then she followed it was some really cute reasons that I have long forgotten. I realized that her viewpoint of her mom was very serious to her, and she had some extremely different opinions of why her mother was special than I did. Her responses made me think that as we grow up, we view our mom in very different ways, but she always remains special to us. I went online and read a lot of 'my mom is special because ' posts and found that as children, teenagers, and adults, we have a very different view of why our mom is so special. So, let 's take a look at some of the reasons why moms are so special throughout our lives. As Children: My Mom Is Special Because... She Loves Me: Kid 's need love, and they recognize that their mother is a consistent place to get it from. Their mother loves them despite the ups and down that happen throughout the day. Their mom loves them enough to cuddle them, tickle them, hold hands, and kiss them. Kids are very touchy little beings, and they find comfort in a good hug or snuggle, which moms are notorious for. She tucks me in at night: This is a statement I see consistently from children. Getting tucked in is a symbol of love. It is the perfect way for a kid to get comfortable before going to sleep and feel protected and cared about. It offers a connection with the people they love the most (kind of like sitting around the dinner table does). There are very few moments in the day where you can spend some quality time together, look into each other 's eyes, and say 'I love you ' without any interruptions. Kids appreciate this ... ... middle of paper ... ... uncomfortable times. She understands I need space: Teenagers need a lot of space to think, plan, create, and just veg out, and while mothers often check on their teenagers to make sure they are ok, they give them the space that they need. This becomes very apparent when teenagers have to stay somewhere else for a few days and have to live with a constant invasion of privacy. They long for their bedroom and their mother who knows that she needs to knock before she come into their room. She wants the best for me: Even though teenagers want to get away from their moms during their teenage years, they still realize that she wants the best for them. They just figure that she doesn 't actually know what is best for them. But, if their friends challenge their mother 's intentions, they will often defend her and let them know that she is trying - even if she is clueless!
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