My Memories Of My Life Essay

My Memories Of My Life Essay

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MY EXPERIENCES IN LIFE Throughout my life has been a constant struggle in the pursuit of happiness. It 's nearly a decade now since my dad lost his job. The world seems to be out of reach for I and my nine siblings. The news came at a time while I was in high school, and my siblings were in primary school. My heart was filled with sadness for such unbelievable downfall. I couldn 't concentrate any more on my studies in fear of answering the questions that remained on over what would become of our future? Whenever I recall my classmates talking about taking challenging courses at the university, It still can bring me to tears to this very day. I was like a homeless wanderer. Not only did my studies worry me, but my stepmother 's mistreatment at home, too. I could try to put on a brave face as a man, but sorrow robs me of my of my happiness. Not until long after my high school, I was offered a job as a temporary teacher of French in my former school. The good news cheered me up. As a teacher, my responsibilities include teaching students to read and speak French. In addition to school ...

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