My Memorable Drowning Moment Essay

My Memorable Drowning Moment Essay

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My Memorable Drowning Moment
Today, for my personal development, my mind slipped back to the summer I learned to swim in deep water. In the summer 1963, I loved to hang with my friends on the weekend at a swimming pool in my town. I was a boy – maybe fourteen-years-old, and Joan was my girl companion. My memorable drowning story shows how obstacles can be overcome, fears can be strengths, and sometimes an accident becomes an opportunity. It’s a story that changed my belief: “If you believe that anything is possible, there are amazing adventures awaiting you.”
I had deep-water phobia because I had a mind-set that the water would choke my throat, and I might die under water. At this point she remarked to me, “If you want my loving attention, show me how hard you are working to become the best;” especially, she advised kindly, “all you need to be focused on what I called integrity to promote ongoing mind-stability, body and character.” Anyway, I liked Joan, and I jumped into deep water because of her. I would stare secretly at Joan, standing as a dolphin in the pool of rigging-water th...

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