Essay My Medical Attachment in Sarawak General Hospital in Borneo, Malaysia

Essay My Medical Attachment in Sarawak General Hospital in Borneo, Malaysia

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I did my medical attachment in Sarawak General Hospital (SGH), Borneo, Malaysia in another remaining four weeks of my elective period. This government hospital is older than the Selayang Hospital and it provides standard health facilities. I spent most of my time in General Medicine department. I felt so fortunate to get to know doctors in the SGH who are very dedicated, flexible and motivating.

I gathered many clinical experiences related to both common and rare infectious diseases in SGH such as malaria, tuberculosis, dengue fever, Japanese Encephalitis. Besides, due to the demographic area of Borneo that is high density of tropical rain forest, cases of local people been bitten by snakes and crocodiles are more common in here than in other West Malaysia’s hospitals.

On every Wednesday, there will be a case conference conducted by an enthusiastic senior physician about any relevant general medicine topic. What was really inspiring about the physician is, he could regain my strength to love medicine. He had uncountable experiences and he is very willing to share his knowledge,...

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