My Major Relating to Gaming

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Choosing a major for the under graduate studies is an elementary task for all the students who are done with their High school and when it was my turn to decide, I knew that I wanted to take up a major which was related to gaming. However, convincing my parents to let me choose a not so traditional major was next to impossible. Instead, they convinced me to take up Information Technology as my major. As the saying goes, “parents are always right,” I now have the foundation required for Game Engineering and I wish to introduce myself as Anirudh Vemuri, a prospective student aspiring to pursue my Masters in the United States, the forefront in Game Development. I was lucky enough to get into SLC’s Institute of Engineering and Technology, which is one of the renowned Institutions affiliated to “Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad” known for its elite teaching faculty. My professors were very supportive of the fact that I wanted to create a career in the gaming industry and asked me to concentrate on coding. I was intrigued by the things one could do with a simple fifty li...
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