Essay about My Main Field Experience This Semester

Essay about My Main Field Experience This Semester

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My main field experience this semester was in Ms. Schreyer 's third grade math class at Trinity South. I was in the classroom on Tuesdays from 8:30 to 12:00 and Thursdays from 10:30 to 2:00. When in Ms. Schreyer 's class, I observed two different groups of students because of the way the class rotations work. The first group that I observed is Ms. Schreyer 's homeroom. There are 17 students in her homeroom class, and four of them have IEPs for either learning support or emotional support. On Tuesdays I arrived as the students arrived, so I was able to see the morning routine. The students bring their materials to the classroom, go to breakfast, and, upon returning from breakfast, complete a bell ringer activity. The bell ringers alternate between math, reading, and writing problems and help reinforce what the students are learning in class. Announcements signal the end of time to work on the bell ringer, and after announcements Ms. Schreyer leads the class in checking their work. After morning work is completed, the students begin their science block, then the students had their technology special. During this time, Ms. Schreyer had a planning period. When the students return from technology, a few students leave for a pull out emotional support class, a student from second grade joins the class, and the rest of the students have math class. After math class ends, the students went to lunch as I completed my time in the classroom. On Thursdays, I arrive a few minutes into math class, typically as they finished checking homework from the night before. I observed the remainder of the math lesson until it is time for lunch and recess. During recess most weeks, Ms. Schreyer 's classroom was the workroom for students who...

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...ssroom for the whole day, so there is as many adults as there are students in the classroom.
Through this placement, I was able to learn many things about working with students with autism. I was able to see how important routine can be for students with autism. I was able to work with one of the students whose goal was to be able to adjust to changes in routine. I walked with him and an aid to the library and we took a different way back. Even with someone new and taking a different way, he made it back to the classroom without any problems. Ms. Brophy pointed out that last year if you tried to take him back to the classroom a different way, he would not have gone with. I also was able to see how spending time in the sensory room allowed the students to refocus when they returned to work. The students function best when they have a sensory outlet available.

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