Essay on My Main Conflict Management Style

Essay on My Main Conflict Management Style

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My main conflict management style is collaboration. Collaboration entails working with parties to come up with a mutually friendly resolution. The win-win method could help reduce tension and advance morale through stressing the importance of every worker’s perspective. Collaboration can promote teamwork and innovation. But, it might take considerable effort and time to attain an applicable solution.
Conflict management experts support collaboration as the most practical approach to resolving a conflict over crucial issues. The hypothesis is that cooperation and teamwork help all participants to accomplish their goals at the same time upholding the relationships (Katz, & Flynn, 2013). The practice of working through disputes will result in creative solutions that would satisfy the concerns of both parties. Collaboration provides a way of attaining the best result on important issues. Also, it helps create healthy relationships because it considers the underlying interests of all the parties.
Primary style appropriateness
Collaboration is appropriate when trying to merge perceptions from individuals with diverse viewpoints on a problem. The outcome can be a resilient commitment towards the solution from each party. Collaboration is also appropriate when parties are conflicting over important issues. It is the best approach for handling such matters. Permitting collaboration can foster innovation and teamwork between parties.

Types of conflict situations are likely to be dysfunctional
Collaboration is likely to be dysfunctional in situations where both parties are not interested in a mutually beneficial result (Katz, & Flynn, 2013). In a situation where one party is more interested in their viewpoint at the expense of the other p...

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...uring there is a connection between my feelings and my conflicts handling ability. I will achieve this through assessing strong emotions like sadness, anger, and fear.
Actual practices at workplace.
Improving conflict management behaviors may help to efficiently resolve conflicts thereby building stronger relationships. The skills will enable employees to work together in peace since the involved parties know how to handle differences. Instead of fighting, ignoring, or insulting one another, the employees learn how to collaborate, which in turn helps to build better and stronger relationships (Choi, 2013). Conflict management behaviors might lead to an increased understanding among employees. Individuals can move past personal opinions or emotions to make impartial decisions. The skill encourages profound understanding of situations that occur in the workplace.

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