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My Love for Learning Essay

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Growing up, I hated school. The sinking feeling I got hearing people talk about academics was distressing. Every time I heard the words “mathematics” or “language arts” used in speech I would cringe reminding myself of what I struggle with. Looking back at this struggle, I realize that it helped define the essential components of my personality. Without this hardship, I would not have the resiliency, enthusiasm, or diligence that I have today to face my educational and real - life endeavors.

Having been born outside the US to immigrant Russian-Jewish parents, our lifestyle consisted of moving a lot. We have lived in New York, Chicago, Seattle, and many other places in between. The migratory lifestyle and instability lead to trouble with acclimating to the new culture in the US and also learning English. Due to the lack of language proficiency, I was placed into special programs in my elementary years. These programs negatively affected my confidence in school and alienated me from my classmates, as a result I lost interest in the subjects I was learning. I had a sense of...

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