My Literacy Skills By Deborah Brandt Essay

My Literacy Skills By Deborah Brandt Essay

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My literacy skills began to develop much like Deborah Brandt suggests in her article of “Sponsors of literacy” My first memories of learning to write are still quite vivid. I remember holding a big fat crayon in my hand as my mother showed me how to write my name. She would draw a large line on the page and I would copy her movements. We started with capital letters and moved on to lower case letters. My memories of learning to read are similar. I remember my mother reading me picture books with large print that somehow turned in to reading sentences. Most of my early memories of learning to read and write include sitting with my mother, older sister and brothers. I had never really thought about the influence your family has on your reading and writing style (i.e. your “literary sponsors”). In many case, I believe that parents and family are the biggest influences on literacy, including how you learn, grow and develop your reading and writing skills.
Literacy, the ability to read and write, is the support and overall structure to learning all types of information. Literacy is something that is dynamic and complicated. It is something that cannot be restrained to simply reading directly from a book or perhaps writing words onto a piece of paper. Literacy is far more complex than that; it is something that can be found all around us in newspapers, books, the Internet, television, and conversation throughout our community resources. All in all literacy is something so active and diverse that it is constantly being influenced by different sources and situations. Being able to identify your literacy elements is to identify your sponsorship. Sponsorship is a simply variety of people and foundations in your life which have helped devel...

... middle of paper ... is not something I enjoy I do believe in order to be successful you need to be well read have strong writing skills. In order for this to happen you have to have support of all the people around you to help you achieve these skills, such as parents, siblings, teacher. I believe with a little more work and dedication I will become an avid reader and maybe a little more passionate about books, magazines, newspapers, and other type of material I could lay my hands on. Finally, I can now say can say these people are and have been my literacy sponsors. As I have learned from reading Deborah Brandt’s article that “literary sponsors” help organize and administer stratified systems of opportunity and access to higher literacy. (Pg56) All things considered who would have thought all those bedtime stories have a contributed to the literacy skills we have developed today.

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